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Jan 17

Spirituality of Aging e-book available now

So many people in midlife and beyond have a fear of aging.
Society hasn’t helped this.
Ageism is still a factor in our experience and advertisers
keep telling us we need to be using products that are anti-aging.

I don’t know about you but I’m NOT ANTI – aging….
In fact, every day I experience new growth when I look at
what the aging process is teaching me.
I’m excited to tell you that my new E-Book is now available. It’s all about the
reflections I’ve been having on the aging process itself.  Rather than bemoan
the fact that my bones are creaking and my memory waxing and waning,
I decided to look at the meaning behind it all. And, low and behold, I began
to discover that the Aging Process itself is not a matter of continual
decrepitude – but an opportunity to grow spiritually. WOW!

That changes the game considerably.
If you are in MIDLIFE or BEYOND, this is an important issue
to consider right now.

I’d love to share this e-book with you and get your help in fleshing it out
even further into a full manuscript. Please comment when you have read it.

Get your copy here

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