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Fear to Faith


Do you have a consistent pattern in your life

that just doesn’t seem to change?
Have you even tried to find the core belief hidden behind that pattern?


Marsha Sutton and Lloyd Strom created a process called Fear to Faith that is one of the best belief busters I have ever experienced. I have used this process to release long standing patterns that I didn’t realize existed!  Fear to Faith is a process you can use over and over again.

I often do it once a month.  It takes a commitment to letting go of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.  There is a worksheet and an audio that tells you exactly how to use it.

Here  is  a second audio file that was a follow-up workshop by Dr. Toni for a group that had completed the Fear to Faith worksheets.  It starts with the Oneness Blessing – see  for more info


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