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Spirituality of Aging e-book

The Aging Process
as a Spiritual Teacher

The dragonfly doesn’t get its true colors until Maturity. What about YOU?




Are you ANTI-Aging?”

Learn a new perspective – and come to understand the Spirituality of Aging:
the Spiritual Lessons in the Aging Process itself…

Dr. Toni is a teacher of both profound wisdom and insightful humor.
The video below is a sample of some of the humor you will find in the ebook

Aging can be an opportunity to awaken
to Spiritual Truths that have been part of your Knowing
but not yet fully experienced.

What People are Saying about

“The Spirituality of Aging”

 “Are you afraid of getting older? Do you have trouble living in the present moment? Are you unsatisfied with who you are? Does your ego still get in your way? InThe Spirituality of Aging, Dr. Toni LaMotta may be just what you need to think and act differently. She takes us on a spiritual – as well as practical – journey into the profound importance of spirituality as we age. In her own authentic and vibrant voice, Dr. Toni shares humorous stories and heartfelt insights into the meaning and purpose of our existence. The Spirituality of Aging deeply touched me and made me laugh
Dr. Frank Bonkowski, Canada
Once again, I am so grateful to the author who writes as though she were on the other end of the phone line talking to me like a friend; only a much wiser friend than those I currently have. She makes life seem a fantastic, exciting journey, one in which there are only opportunities for greater & greater good & joy!!! Don’t miss this one!!
Toni Gaeta, Sarasota, FL

Dr. Toni’s new book gives one a lot to consider, entertain, and think deeply about. She raises interesting points and perspectives, many that you may not have examined before. Since we seem more in touch with our own spirituality as a function of aging, this book comes at just the right time for Baby Boomers, as well as for others engaged in a life review. It’s my pleasure to invite you to read this book and to make it part of your own aging process. You’ll find yourself reflecting on some critical questions and examining the transformative periods along your journey.
 Judith M Lukin, MSW, M.Ed., New York
Transformational Life Coach


I’d love a copy NOW



What Kinds of Things will I find in
“The Spirituality of Aging” ?

 A new viewpoint on things like memory loss

 A way to see the GOOD in the aches and pains…

 Freedom from years of depression

 Freedom from the mind chatter aboutwhat is WRONG

 New found sense of self-worth

Health Improvement

Finding a sense of humor in many more things

Reconnect with things you may have put aside

Clearing limiting beliefs about what is possible


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Who am I and why should you trust me?

If you’ve been reading my online messages (, you already know that I have been a spiritual teacher for most of my life – first as a Roman Catholic nun and more recently (19 years) as an Ordained New Thought Minister, author, keynote speaker, Oneness Blessing Giver and continual life-long learner and spiritual life coach. I’ve got too many degrees to mention, but my real claim to fame is that I PRACTICE everything I teach and those who have worked closely with me will tell you that I am consistent – the message never changes – just the application does.


As I experience the aging process (from Midlife and beyond),


 I continually ask :


What’s The GIFT in this…


This e-book is a taste of some of the answers I’ve come up with so far…


I’d love a copy NOW


Bonus Gifts when you download “Spirituality of Aging”

Monograph of  Quality of God: WISDOM by Dr. Toni
Both audio and Transcript

Video of Jane Fonda speaking on Life’s Third Act




 I believe we are all called to live a happy, joy-filled life. In fact, I believe it is our
major purpose.  I don’t think that the things that happen as we age are a ‘Mistake’- but rather a Divine Opportunity for our soul to learn some important lessons.

In love and gratitude,



Dr. Toni  LaMotta
The Midlife Mentor, Spiritual Life Coach




I’d love a copy NOW
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P.S. — Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate you. I’d love to get to know you – and hear some of your experiences with the aging process.

Keep me posted.

In-Lightened Enterprises, LLC
Sarasota, FL 34234

 C. In-Lightened Enterprises, LLC 

“Spiritual Life Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker for People in Midlife & Beyond”


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