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Feb 23

My Own Natural Energy Yield



Today’s message is entitled  My Own Natural Energy Yield Yes – Money!




And what a wonderful way to look at the idea of money as an acronym for My Own Natural Energy Yield? (To use a John Randolph Price’s term).




Financial abundance is one of the yields, is one of the results, manifestations, effects of how I am using my own natural energy.  How I am using the life force that flows through me – How I am expressing my God Essence.




This month is about Money and Spirituality – tell how this came about….    It is about applying the principles that we say we believe every step of the way.  It is about walking our talk in all areas of our lives.




Couldn’t approach this theme without spending some time talking about this interesting manifestation, this interesting effect, this interesting result called money. 




In my walk on this spiritual path, I have made an observation about money.  It has been my observation that MONEY is one of the things in this material world about which we  . .


worry the most,


we fret the most,


we think about the most (well maybe not the most, but it’s high on the list),


about which we have a tremendous amount of mental and emotional baggage and


for many, many people something we always seem to be struggling to have enough of! 




Am I right?   


It is an area where often what we profess in Religious Science do not seem to jive with what we really believe — as is evidenced by our manifestations.  We say we believe:


       We live in an infinitely abundant Universe;


       God is the Source of All our Good;


       All that we need is already provided;


       Ask and he shall receive;


       It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven etc. etc.




All of these wonderful things we profess to believe in Religious Science do not seem to jive with what we really believe as is evidenced by the result, the manifestation, the yield — Money!  Money seems often to be the place where, when the rubber meets the road, we skid off into the ditch!




High time we changed that!  John Kehoe’s feeling when he looked at the opulent tower owned by Larry Flint – founder of Hustler Magazine.  Just think what could be done for the world if big money, real money, manifested itself in the lives of spiritually oriented people.  Chopra Center for Well Being, as an example.  Not just one or two, but thousands, millions of spiritually oriented people!




So what do we need to do?  What do I need to do to increase My Own Natural Energy Yield?   Well, I need a shift.  I need to shift in consciousness.  I need to move into, to develop a Prosperity Consciousness.  Because Consciousness is Everything! 




Two men went fishing.  Harry and Joe.  Every time Harry caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh. Whenever Joe caught a big fish, he threw it back. Harry watched this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing Joe waste good fish. “Why do you keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?” he asked.




To which Joe replied, “I only have a small frying pan.” 




Consciousness is everything – Is it time to expand your prosperity consciousness?!?   It’s time to get a bigger frying pan.  Is it time to walk your spiritual talk in this area of your life as well. 




If so, I have seven consciousness expanding practices for all of us.  Seven practices that work together to expand our prosperity consciousness.  This is not a cafeteria style plan.  Pick three of seven!  They work together.  They all work together to build a prosperity consciousness!




Each of the seven could be their own talk – and they just might become that.  I want you to start thinking about these seven practices. 




1.  Alignment for Purpose


Purpose – a hotbed of confusion for some!  What is my purpose?  What is my purpose??   Here’s the secret: Your purpose in life is to express your Divinity.  Your divine purpose is to know who God is in you and who you are in God.




In Chapter 16 of The Science of Mind Textbook, we are told that:


 We don’t exist for the purpose of making an impression upon our environment.  We do exist to express ourselves in and through our environment.  There is a great difference.  We do not exist to leave a lasting impression upon the environment.  Not at all.  It is not necessary that we leave any impression.  It is not necessary, if we should pass tonight, that anyone should remember that we have ever lived.  The only thing that means anything is that while we live, WE LIVE.  (p. 270)




Enlightenment is eating a banana and drinking a glass of water… Really EXPERIENCING both.




We will live most fully, we will be aligned with our Purpose when we are expressing our own individual uniqueness.


Describe my process.




AFFIRMATION:  The great truth is there is a Divine Plan for my life and that Divine Plan is the sublime plan.  It includes health, happiness, abundance and perfect self expression.  As I begin to dwell on the Divine Plan, I attract to myself the ideas and opportunities, the events and people that are meant to be part of my life now. 




2.  Release


Release the blocks to our good!  Release whatever limiting belief is in you that is keeping you from receiving your good!




One of the twelve spies Moses sent out to the Promised Land was Joshua.  When he returned from that prosperous land, he described it as rich in every way.  He brought back the evidence in rich tasty grapes.  He told of this land of milk and honey, but he alone seemed to see this. 




The other 11 spoke only in negative terms, they spoke of giants, and other reasons why they should not go forward — so Moses decided to wait.  For the next 40 years, Moses, Joshua and the Children of Israel roamed the desert, just on the border of prosperity.




When Joshua became the leader of the people, he waited no longer, but led his people into the land, and in three days it was accomplished.




Joshua released the fear – the race consciousness if you will — that the promised land was filled with giants and other horrors. 




What giants and others horrors are blocking you from your good?  What beliefs do you need to release?   Is it a belief that money corrupts?  Is it a belief that you’ll never really have enough?  It’s TOO late – I’m on a fixed income…  I don’t have the ability to make a lot of money -… Money isn’t really important… or One huge belief that holds many, many people back is the belief that there is only so much abundance to go around. 




It’s the pie theory of the Universe.  Manifest itself in two limiting ways — only so much to go around and I’ll never get my enough of it – too much competition.




Compare to the air we breath.  Enough for all of us!  Have everyone breathe in together.  See, plenty for all!  No one had to fight for it.




Or, the flip side, if I get enough of it, I’m taking away from someone else — compassionate person’s guilt!  Have someone take a deep breath; hold.  All those around breath in also.  No problem!




If the limited pie theory of the Universe has a hold of you, I invite you now to release it.  Or whatever other beliefs might be limiting your Good, release them now and as you do say:




AFFIRMATION:  I know that release is magnetic.  Through the act of release, I now draw to myself my own.  I now fully and freely release.  I loose and let go.  I let go and grow.  I let go and trust.




3.  Forgiveness


SOOOO important.  Can be such a block to abundance.


Bhagavan says – relationship with Father = money


Relationship with mother = obstacles…




Letting go of any and all expectations that people or events/circumstances be anything other than what they were.  Removing the blocks to love.


HMM – We are spiritually obligated to love; not to like everyone.




AFFIRMATION:  All that has offended me I forgive. Within and without, I forgive.  Things past, things present, things future, I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody of the past or present that can possibly be forgiven.  I positively forgive everyone.  They are free and I am free too.




4.  Self Confidence


Many people don’t think they deserve wealth.  Goes back to old psychic wound — very common that we all carry and that wound is that I am not good enough.  A very, very common one.  And that wound is not from God!  We are made in the image of God and we are worthy, I can assure you of that.  




We don’t have faith in ourselves.  As EH says, how can we say we believe in the Power of the Almighty and yet not trust the Power that created us — it is the same power!  We all believe that Nothing is impossible with God – but, later in the Scripture he personalizes it and says – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU.   Others can – not me…




AFFIRMATION:  I have confidence in my God given guidance and ability.  I see myself going from success to greater success with God’s help.  My success  – big, powerful and irresistible –  now appears.  I have insurmountable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life since God’s infinite intelligence is in absolute control.




5.  DECREE — Demand


Dr. Emilie Cady:


“One of the unerring Truths in the Universe (by “Universe” I mean the spiritual and natural worlds combined) is that there is already provided a lavish abundance for every human want.  In other words, the supply of every good always awaits the demand.  Another Truth is that the demand must be made before the supply can come forth to fill it.”




What demand are you placing on the Universe?  Do you ask DAILY for your bread – meaning – all you need for a full and rich life?  (this is far more than money)




AFFIRMATION:  Today and every day, I expect the best.  Wonderful things are happening to me now.  Everything I do turns into good for myself and others.  I am now open and receptive to the vast wealth the Universe has for me now.  I am appropriate and richly clothed, housed, transported and supplied with the rich substance of the Universe.




6.  Completion


Never give up.  Stick to it!  Stay the course. 


Thomas Edison


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. (quotes)




AFFIRMATION:  I am not discouraged, I am persistent and I move forward into my highest good.  Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence and determination.  With God’s help, I now persist into my highest good.




7.  Tithing


Remember, we are told at Malachi 3:10:


Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith said the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.




Idea of leaving 1/10 of the crop in the land so that next year’s crop can flourish.




God doesn’t need us to tithe!  Tithing opens up our consciousness to the flow. 




AFFIRMATION:  I give my tenth to God and I reap a hundred fold blessing.  As I give consistently, I open the way to receive consistently. All that God has for me now comes to me speedily, richly and freely.






Abraham Lincoln once said:


Without divine assistance I cannot succeed.  With it, I cannot fail. (SWW169a)




These seven ideas, when practiced together, move us into a consciousness that is open to Divine Assistance.   These seven ideas, when practiced together, move me into a place where My Own Natural Energy Yield is increased and increased and increased.  And I am richly blessed.




An important note here:  It’s not the demonstration that counts [but demonstration bolsters our belief and faith — being skeptics]; it’s what we become in the process. 




It is true that we can demonstrate things we desire, but how much greater it is to use our thought to demonstrate the Spirit of Truth, to use the Truth not just to get, but to arrive at the place of awareness of the Presence.


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