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Oct 07

Midlife Women in the Age of Miracles: Redefining Over the Hill

How do you like hearing the words, Over the Hill? What is that supposed to mean? It has a ring that seems to say that life is on the decline. Yes, we hear that often. There are lots of jokes about how we decline with age rather than that we are finally reaching our potential and living the lives we have longed to live. Most of the people I know who have reached midlife might be considered over the hill if we think of the hill as the chase and the climb that we feel must take place when we are younger. Midlife becomes a time to stop the struggle and the need to get on top of it all.

Wayne Dyer has a new movie coming out – called Ambition to Meaning. This is what can happen to us when we reach midlife. We let go of the drive, the ambition to become something. We stop trying to amass things to make us feel important. We let go of the struggle, the striving and the belief that we are not enough. That’s the hill I wanted to get over and DID!

I truly believe that life is meant to be lived by inspiration rather than motivation. We are motivated to do more, be more, have more when we are younger. We work hard; We set goals; We continually look to the day when we’ll be “there”. Then, we discover that the ‘there’ isn’t what life is about – it’s the process. We learn to live in the present moment. No, not giving up dreams. But, knowing that who we have become in the process is so much more important than what we think we have to prove.

More to follow…lots more…. but, for now. I’d like to hear your comments….

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