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Aug 06

Midlife Women – Dressing Your Truth

I hope I didn’t shock you but I am BURNING with this topic right now!

My heart aches, my mind is spinning with ideas and I had to talk to you! Men, if you are reading this please accept my apologies- or maybe…. not. Maybe you’ll see the sense in what I am about to say.

This comes from the bottom of my heart! I want to create 10.3 million GORGEOUS HOT beautiful women in 2010! I am sure my male subscribers are all for that!

I read an article today in a fashion magazine that reported that 10.2 million people had cosmetic or nonsurgical procedures performed in the United States in 2008.

Some of the top five procedures preformed were:

Botox injections
Breast augmentation

Or in plain everyday language, wrinkle shots, boob jobs, nose jobs, and tummy tucks! So I think it is safe to say that most of these 10.2 million people were women afraid of looking old before their time.

Ironically this report was not one of alarm, but more of a “join the party” invitation!

It used to be that only the Joan Rivers of the world, the rich and famous were using these procedures to secure eternal youth, but nowadays everyone in the neighborhood is doing it or at least thinking it is an option!

The biggest motive is the anti-aging craze that the baby boomer generation is conflicted with. Eternal youth has become a billion dollar industry.

Once you start though, where do you stop?

What if there was a safe natural way to take years off your appearance and pounds off your body, that did not involve invasive surgery, drugs, and MLM companies ? Would you be interested?

I would have loved to have had 5 minutes with those 10.2 million people to show them how naturally they could have achieved more successfully what their procedures only attempted to do unnaturally.

If this topic burns in your heart too- or you are one of those women who did have a Boob job and you still don’t feel totally gorgeous-

Check out www.DressingYourTruth.com now!

We’re launching on August 18th, 2009. I am bringing the world OPTIONS!

Join me in sharing this page!

I love you and I love YOUR truth!

Carol Tuttle

ps…. Ladies you can be totally hot and a perfect “10”- I can get you there. Check out www.DressingYourTruth.com now.

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