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Jul 30

Learning to Live in the Flow

Water is the perfect non-resistant element.

We can see where it has worn away even the hardest rock. You can go to the Grand Canyon and be stunned and amazed by the power of non-resistance over time.

We have also seen water sweep everything before it in torrential outburst, bridges, buildings, trees; nothing can withstand its force.

Yet, note how the great river begins. It starts as a little stream high up in the mountains, and it’s usually very crooked in the beginning.

The little stream just runs over the boulders or the fallen tree, it doesn’t stop and wait for its energy or its force to build up so it can push the obstacle out of its path. It’s not interested so much in the boulder or the tree as it is about creating or getting where its current pulls it.

You and I can use this to understand how we can be non-resistant. Flow is one of the great Laws of Life.

To Your Ease and Grace,
Mary Morrissey

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    • Dorothy on 08/05/2009 at 5:00 pm

    Resistance is one of the things I’ve had a hard time dealing with years ago, and one I read the line,”what you resist, persists”, it came much clearer how things flow once you get out of the way. These last 5 years or so has been enlightening, to say the least!

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