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Nov 26

Menopause and Midlife

Recently I watched an Oprah show that featured Dr. Christiana Northroup and I was struck particularly by something she said (well, a lot of what she said). To paraphrase — our soul keeps calling us to grow and sends messages continually. When we do not listen to the message, it begins to speak to us through our bodies – hence, dis-ease and breakdowns. The more we ignore, the louder the call.

I don’t know about you, but I have discovered that this is quite true. I no longer believe that ANYTHING in life is accidental and I have learned that whatever happens, I am at cause. Nothing happens because, but all things happen to call me to be-cause. The Universe is normally very gentle and quiet, but, when we ignore its more subtle messages, they get louder. (somewhat like a mother in the Bronx calling her child in from play..I notice that the voices got louder when the children ignored the first few calls!)

I don’t know about you, but I want to become a better listener. I often blame my aches and pains on the ‘aging process’ – but, I’ve decided to truly believe that the aging process is not about hearing loss but about listening more deeply; it’s not about developing disease but about life becoming easier as I learn to listen.

What do you think? What’s been your experience?

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    • Jeanne May on 12/09/2007 at 1:43 am

    Hi Dr Toni… I couldn’t agree more with your post.

    I’ve been experiencing menopause for the last umpteen years (at the ripe old age of 52)… and I know with my own body that if I don’t deal with the issues at hand in an appropriate and fulfilling way, the universe will let me know in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t doing it right or that I was ignoring something.

    I’m a psychologist, and I believe (because lots of people have told me over the years) that I’m a good listener. I am for others… and I’m really really trying to be a good listener to myself and to the beautiful guiding messages I receive from the universe.

    Many thanks… and very best wishes

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