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Mar 09

How to use the Law

There’s been a lot written today on the Law of Attraction.  Many years ago, Ernest Holmes – in The Science of Mind told us how to put that law into daily practice:

“Take time every day to see your life as you wish it to be, to make a mental picture of your ideal. Pass the picture over to the Law and go about your business, with a calm assurance that on the inner side of life something is taking place.  There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this, just a calm, peaceful sense of reality. “

Focus EVERYDAY – see yourself exhibiting that quality more – what would it look like.   Of course this focus works for material things as well. Eg. A student of mine went around for months showing everyone the picture of her new Gold Lexus convertible and sure enough, her husband, who had never bought her anything (he usually just gave her money) – went out and surprised her for her birthday with – yes, you guessed it, the Gold Lexus convertible! There is  power of in visualization!

Many of us think we already are focusing on what we want and wondering why we aren’t getting it. When this is happening, it is because we have thoughts that we are subconsciously thinking that are stronger than what is conscious.  The trick is to make conscious what you believe – so that if it isn’t serving you, you can decide to change it.
Do you put your attention on the qualities of God, or is your intention on worry, criticism and fear?
There is a self-contained testing kit within you: to test where your attention generally is.

Let me give you the test.  You have nothing to write, only to answer honestly to yourself.
What we are aiming at is a continual space of God – Good or in simple language LOVE.  The fruit of that love is gratitude.
If your thoughts are truly focused on love, on God, – they will express themselves in gratitude.  Ask yourself: Is gratitude your most prevalent feeling throughout the day?
Where do you express your love?  Your spouse or partner?  Your children?  Your boss?  Your company?  Your church?  Your president?  Your country?  Yourself?  Your God?
If you are loving, the fruit of that is a FEELING of being grateful – of gratitude. Gratitude will be the predominant feeling as you move throughout your day.

Now, if your predominant, even though unconscious, thought, is criticism – it will show up in your life as resentment.  Ask yourself honestly: Are resentments your major feeling? What and who do you criticize?  Your spouse or partner?  Your boss? Your children?  Your company?  Your church? Your president? Your country?  Yourself? Your God?
Do you criticize the trivial? – Traffic, prices, the checkout line, the media, the school system? The appearance of others?  The actions of others? Do you ever hear yourself say of yourself, how dumb?  How stupid I am?  – or look at me, I can’t even do…  you fill in the blanks…
If you are critical, the fruit of that criticism is the FEELING of resentment.

So, the test is – where is your attention generally? Does it produce gratitude? or does it produce resentment?  Which feeling do you usually express?
Are you loving — or are you critical?
Great test, isn’t it?  Can you pass it.

IF you find subtle ways you are more in complaint than in joy –  this is no need for further criticism.  This is what we do to ourselves – for example, it’s not a problem if we get rightfully angry at something that happens, but
we get into trouble when we get angry over our getting angry – and start to condemn ourselves.  Our whole purpose in life is to come more and more to love ourselves.
If you don’t yet love yourself enough, you have your work cut out for you for another year.  In what area of your life have you forgotten that you are God?   — take a look for a moment at the list we gave you when you came in….  let’s pause and let Spirit show you the quality IT wants to reveal more of in you this year…

There is no need for becoming something you aren’t yet.  It’s not a matter of achieving more, learning more, getting better.  It’s a matter of simply remembering the TRUTH about ourselves.  We are made in the image and likeness of God.  The qualities that we know are true about God are therefore, also true about us.  We need only to claim them as our own.

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