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Category: The Secret

Jun 22

The Law of Attraction

 This is an article that was written by Walter Starke – one of my favorite authors. Please read and comment below         This year the “The Secret” is sweeping the country. What it refers to as the secret is the Law of Attraction – that our thoughts attract or draw to us what our lives …

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May 07

a friend writes about the Secret, The Law of Attraction

The Bigger Secret By Scott Kalechstein The Secret is out, way out. Those who have been entrenched in feelings of powerlessness are finding their mojo by applying its principles. Yay to the setting of intentions, the power of positive thinking, and the wondrous Law of Attraction! Yay to manifesting a perfect soul mate, the ideal …

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Feb 04

Oprah reveals “The Secret” Dr. Toni LaMotta comments

This coming Thursday, Oprah will host Rhonda Byrne, executive Producer of “The Secret” and several members of the ‘cast’. “The Secret” is a wonderful film and if you haven’t yet seen it, you can check it out on http://www.thesecret.tv The Secret – which hasn’t been a secret to me in the last 12 years, is …

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