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Category: Law of Attraction

May 11

Law of Attraction – Being a JOY Detector

We’re told that angels have wings because they take themselves lightly. Notice this week when you are making a drama out of something, and see what story you are telling yourself. “What am I telling myself about what’s happening? What’s really happening and what’s my story about what’s happening?” See if you can see that …

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May 09

The Next Internet Millionaire

There’s a wonderful new reality show being done for the Internet and I auditioned.  I need YOUR vote to get on the show. Please go NOW  This won’t cost anything but a minute of your time. http://www.nextinternetmillionaire.com/show.php?id=118 Thanks, Dr. Toni You can audition too, of course.  and then we’ll meet in Colorado where the contest …

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May 07

a friend writes about the Secret, The Law of Attraction

The Bigger Secret By Scott Kalechstein The Secret is out, way out. Those who have been entrenched in feelings of powerlessness are finding their mojo by applying its principles. Yay to the setting of intentions, the power of positive thinking, and the wondrous Law of Attraction! Yay to manifesting a perfect soul mate, the ideal …

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May 04

Law of Attraction – JOY is What We Are

Joy is not something we get or obtain – joy is what we are. We can’t search for joy – it is not outside of us. It is already right where we are. We have to let it reveal itself to us. Here’s an important distinction to remember: joy is not a reactionary emotion; it …

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Apr 27

Law of Attraction – Bring on the JOY

Joy and happiness are not the same thing. I had some challenges this week, and that distinction became really clear to me. Happiness, to most people, is defined as the elation that accompanies good fortune. When things are going well, when the sun is shining, when we get a raise or a new job, when …

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Apr 06

Freedom – to Choose

There is a wonderful passage from Marianne Williamson –– and I want to share it with you here since it speaks to my heart: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our Light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, …

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