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Category: Law of Attraction

Feb 15

Law of Attraction – by Joe Vitale

I just read a wonderful post by Joe Vitale on his blog… ENJOY… http://blog.mrfire.com/loa/how-to-attract-anything/

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Oct 15

Anger – the Hidden ‘Gotcha’ of Midlife

by hlesbrown For the uninitiated, the midlife crisis seems inexplicable. Why would someone who should be really happy behave so erratically? There’s the key, though: they should be really happy . . . but they’re not! Even those closest to the midlife sufferer are apt to be shocked and confused because there’s no discernible reason …

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Apr 10

Women in Midlife: Learning to FLOW with the Universe

The flow of the universe moves through everything. It is in the rocks that form, get pounded into dust, and are blown away. It is in the blossoming of a flower born from a seed planted in the spring. The growth cycle that every human being goes through is part of this natural flow, which …

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Apr 07

Are You Visioning Or Visualizing? The Difference Will Lead You To A Fuller Life

Have you learned how to relax more in midlife and start moving from MAKING things happen to allowing them to happen? This is a critical step in moving through midlife. Most of us live our lives moving back and forth between being victim and believing that life is happening to us and being manifestors or …

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Apr 02

Women In Midlife – Opening To An Experience Of Oneness With All Of Life Changes Your Own Midlife

As we move through midlife, we go through many stages of spiritual growth. Often, we learn to move from being victim, to being fully responsible for manifesting in our lives. We then learn to surrender to something higher than ourselves, though fully part of ourselves. The final stage of spiritual growth is one that not …

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Mar 04

Midlife maturity – taking care of yourself

Living For Ourselves Trying To Please Others Most of us come to a point in our lives when we question why we are doing what we are doing, and many of us come to realize that we may be living our lives in an effort to make our parents happy. This realization can dawn when …

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