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Category: Gratitude

Jun 13

Gratitude or Complaint

  Do you have a favorite holiday?  I certainly do. It’s Thanksgiving. I think it’s because I was born near Thanksgiving and in fact, for most of my formative years, I thought all of America was celebrating My birthday!  (Now that’s a great way to develop good self-esteem…)   Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Appreciation have all been …

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Nov 25

A Gratitude Healing

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin at home so today, invite a healing to happen in your own body, in your own consciousness, in your own loving heart that feels blessed to be alive. Notice all the riches you’ve been given: the feet that allow you to stand, the legs that allow you to walk, …

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Nov 19

From Judith and Jim – The Price of Gratitude

THE PRICE OF GRATITUDE Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD Long before we get to the table laden with turkey, cranberry sauce and over-sweet yams, we are face-to-face with the challenge of gratitude all month long. For most of the year we can duck and dodge the pressures of thankfulness, and most people do …

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Sep 29

Midlife Crisis Avoided – by The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

  There’s a ton of material out there teaaching you how to be successful– both on line and off line. I’m sure you’ve heard about the need for a clear vision, a strong belief, a good understanding of human behavior and the principles of influence, and copywriting skills. If you’re like me, you’ve probably got …

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Jan 18

Rampage of Appreciation – Make It Your Own

Today I am outrageously grateful for the beauty that abounds and surrounds me. I truly feel that I’m a blessed being surrounded by other blessed beings. I move freely and easily through my life experience and for that I am grateful as I know I created that ease. I acknowledge how powerful I am because …

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Nov 28

Gratitude – Midlife by Ellen Besso

Gratitude is about living in the present moment. When we’re not noticing all the good that’s in our lives, we often keep striving to achieve more, be more, get more. Or sometimes we’re locked into the past, into what didn’t work for us then. Holding onto wounds and feeling angry or hurt by past events …

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