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Category Archive: Healthy Aging

Feb 02

Ageism vs the Healthy Aging Process

AGEISM Until recently, aging was regarded with disdain, with an expectancy of waning vigor and even social uselessness. But the stereotypes are changing and seniors are becoming more and more interested in true-life long learning, healthy lifestyles and even political and social activism. We are truly seeing a population reinventing itself. In many of our …

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Jan 30

Does the Process of Aging have to include Doctor Visits?

Changing Goals in Youth and the Process of Aging     The goal of youth is to learn to live in society. The goal as we age is to learn to debunk the rules we learned that may no longer serve us. Everyone has “unresolved issues” and things that are incomplete in the developmental cycle. If …

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Jan 28

Christina Northrup on The Aging Process

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Jan 21

The Aging Process – Growing Old Gracefully

Aging is defined as “the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time.” In human beings the aging process refers to physical, psychological, and social changes that are occurring as we get older. Some of these factors will grow over time, while others will decline. Our knowledge of world events and general wisdom …

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Jan 19

Are you fearful of aging?

We’re Getting Older When Social Security first came into being in 1935, our life span was thought to be about 70 years at most.  Now, we have learned so much medically and nutritionally that people are living far longer.  In 1776, someone born in the US was expected to live to about 35. Lifestyle and …

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Jan 18

Book on Spirituality of Aging

In doing some research about the spirituality of aging, I came across an author and a book that I want to share with you.  He too talks about aging as a spiritual practice.Here’s an interview with him. Have you noticed there are certain things you can’t do as easily as you could when you were …

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