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Category: Coaching and Mentoring

Jul 24

Transforming a Misperception

We all know what it feels like to want something we don’t have. It may be a pair of expensive jeans, a romantic partner, or rent money; it may be a certain attitude, a car, or a savings account. This is part of life, and in the best-case scenario, we experience a constant flow of …

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Jun 26

Busting Loose From the Business Game – great new book

I’m writing today with some important news and to let you know about a window of opportunity that’s opening this week. Are you struggling in your business or career right now — as an owner or employee (or maybe temporarily unemployed)? Are you doing well or “OK” but you want to do better? Are you …

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Jun 19

Changing your vibration – and change your life

10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration By Aine Belton Below are some timeless tips that will help you raise your vibration to enhance your manifesting success and connect more to the radiant truth of your being and the bountiful nature of reality. 1. Take Responsibility As James Allen says, “Circumstance does not make a man, …

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Jun 15

Fear to Faith – a Process to Change Beliefs in Midlife and beyond

Moving from Fear to Faith Most of our inactions in life are based on fear, whether conscious or unconscious. Sometimes we can trace specific fears to certain incidents that happened early in life, and it often helps to do that, although it is not always necessary. Most of us have probably picked up some subset …

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May 26

Excuses Be Gone by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Midlife is an awesome opportunity to see if what you have been producing in life is what you want to continue to experience. invest the time to review the excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s brand new book “Excuses Be Gone” and then  get your copy now by clicking the link that follows. Excuses Begone!: How …

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Apr 22

Jane Seymour, Dr. Quinn makes a Midlife Transition

What do you do for a second act after winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe and being awarded the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth? Actress Jane Seymour has an interesting approach. Read more here.

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