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Jun 09

Are You Having a Midlife Crisis?

Are You Having a Midlife Crisis? Here’s a great checklist. The presence of any or all of these things doesn’t mean there is no hope. Actually, it can be a major opportunity to live life more fully.

Divine Discontent Are you experiencing divine discontent? Is the lifestyle you’ve been living no longer serving you? It may be time for change, but it may just be an opportunity to recommit.

Boredom Are you bored with the people and things that you used to be excited about? Boredom can be a sign of burnout. If it is just in one area of life, this is probably what is going on. If it’s everywhere present, oops – crisis is here.

Seeking Adventure Just the opposite can be happening – You may be feeling excited about doing something completely different and wanting adventure. This doesn’t have to be crisis causing. It can be an openness to a whole new phase of life. Just beware that it is not an escape, but a true calling.

What’s It all About? Are you questioning the very meaning of life>? It doesn’t just happen in midlife, but often in midlife, people begin to wonder if the decision they once thought were so right for them are now still working. This is healthy and not a cause for alarm. Meaning often changes with age.

Confusion Do you feel confused about who you are or where your life is heading? This is a sign that you are on track – not for a crisis, but for a true awakening. I was once told by a mentor that most people don’t get to fully live their life purpose until they reach 60! Yes, 60! I was startled by that.

I’ve come to see the truth of it.

And so, I would like to offer a support system to help you accept yourself and find your own wisdom in Midlife.It is not necessary to have a crisis. Midlife can be an opening for transformation when you recognize the signs. When you subscribe to my free Reinvent Midlife newsletter, you’ll receive instant access to a special report called, “7 Secrets for Reinventing Midlife from the Inside-Out”. Go now to http://www.reinventmidlife.com

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