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Dr. Toni LaMotta is a provocative and inspiring international professional speaker, #1 best-selling author, master teacher and highly regarded life coach. She has reinvented herself from being a Roman Catholic nun, dinner theater actress, computer programmer, Minister, author and spiritual teacher/coach. Lately she has helped many through their midlife transition, teaching them to age gracefully & consciously approach the aging process. Her work has been all about helping people and organizations get clear and experience more authentic living..

She is the author of RECOGNITION: The Quality Waythe #1 best-selling book: What You REALLY Want, Wants You,  Embracing the Aging Process and several other works on aging gracefully.

Dr. Toni’s range of experiences has brought her in front of audiences at some of the top US companies including IBM, AT&T, GE and Pennzoil, as well as college and high school students. She served as a Catholic nun and pastoral associate for 16 years before discovering New Thought and becoming an Ordained New Thought minister, over 25 years ago.

She was the Founding and Senior Minister of the Sarasota Celebration Center & the Community Center for Spiritual Living.

She holds a Doctorate in Religious Studies as well as a Doctor of Divinity degree and three Masters Degrees – in Pastoral Ministry, Adult Education, and Mathematics. (a truly whole-brain individual.) She also spent 10 years as an adjunct faculty member for Baker ONLINE college in Michigan, and the University of Phoenix School of Management & Business, both in San Diego and Online and is currently on the philosophy faculty of Independence University where she helps her adult students reinvent their lives through Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Toni specializes in helping individuals and organizations examine who they are and why they exist. She inspires people to discover  what they can be when they operate authentically. She is gifted in helping people get clear on what it is they REALLY want, and in re-inventing their lives.

As a speaker and presenter, she shares insights gained through years of experience in the corporate world and as a spiritual teacher. Dr. Toni’s wit and wisdom speak to both the head and the heart. Her fascinating life journey has led to a depth of compassion, personal growth and understanding that is truly inspiring.

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